The Law Firm Marsicano was founded in 2002 by Giorgia Marsicano in Rome, and proudly falls in the category of boutique law firms, where clients are promptly assisted and protected, due to the simplified dynamics typical of a small-sized professional environment.

The firm deals exclusively with civil law and, in particular, provides assistance to companies wishing to tackle a more or less manifest state of crisis, both via assets divestment - therefore of the activities - and through the payment of debts in a compatible percentage with the active resources, while maintaining the company productive. 

Other companies are assisted, which - whilst not being in a critical phase – need to better define their indebtedness toward the banking system, and therefore enter or return within the reference standards used for the rating formulation on the part of banks (Basel); those companies wishing to access the possibilities offered by the reform of Bankruptcy Law in terms of Composition with Creditors (with or without Fiscal Settlements), Composition with Creditors on a going concern basis, Restructuring Agreements, Attestations of debt payment plans, Bankruptcy Discharge, as well as those companies also intending to safeguard their shareholders' real estate assets.

The experience gained by Giorgia Marsicano in the field, allowed many clients of the firm to solve extremely critical moments, without loss of ownership of the company, nor their reference core business but, instead, increasing the most profitable sectors. 

Similarly, numerous clients had the opportunity to rectify their positions with the Credit Bureau through the years through settlement agreements, also as a result of the re-evaluation of the "debit-credit" relationship with banks that apply undue interests and commissions.

Also, considerable experience has been achieved in advising companies going through a time of instability connected to the handover between two generations, through the valuable assistance of a coach who supports and advises the family during this period, trying to reassure the company and, most of all, its owners and employees. Indeed, it has been proven that productivity increases exponentially in a serene and collaborative environment, and also assessing possible critical issues and searching for solutions is easier.

Last but not least, the improvement of credit recovery techniques – a crucial factor for companies in financial difficulties – should be emphasized, , aimed at minimizing time-consuming judicial activities with uncertain results, in favor of extrajudicial negotiations that can sometimes guarantee the creditor a more immediate satisfaction.