The Firm gained specific experience and competence in commercial, bankruptcy, company, banking and financial law.
We also avail ourselves of collaboration with Partners of proved experience and we working through a team of qualified collaborators in different strategic areas of business activity, we essentially carry out assistance activity to companies and institutions, in the following terms:


We accompany the entreprise in the management phase of the Corporate Crisis whether clear or hidden, also guarantying assistance in the process of Corporate Restructuring, Composition with creditors, Restructuring agreements ex art. 182 bis L.F., Bankruptcy agreement


We attend our clients in the exam and in the negotiation of banking and financial contracts as well as curate his right execution


Offers safeguard to an entrepreneur that guarantees for his/her company out of his own assets.


Also offers counseling to firms from a legal stand point regarding past dues from loan companies, offering consultations in evaluating the firm's owes by virtues of banking accounts (credit facility, credit lines, surety etc.) stipulated over the years through the development of technical appraisal and guidance.


Aids a performing firm negotiating with clients and suppliers as well as drafting contracts from both financial and legal angles.


Provides consulting in the matters of Merger & Acquisition, private equity, Project Financing and internationalization plans, especially with regards to emerging markets.


Provides consulting and analysis to clients in regard to endeavor, products and market positioning allowing perception of the best alternatives to support a firm achieve strategic and financial objectives.


Pursues it objectives and delivers the required services ina spirit of expertise,transparency and commitment, work ethics, professionalism, quality and the utmost attention to the needs of the client.